It’s the season

Updated: Nov 16

With Christmas approaching near, there is a range of individually designed illustrations going into print for this season. I have been working hard for the past few weeks on these and will be available for purchase at the start of November. It’s been a strange year this year where the guidelines for the current covid-19 situation is still ever changing. There is so much uncertainty of whether this holiday season people will be able to visit their dear ones. Send a card to them with a beautiful and hopeful message to say what you feel.

Most of the artwork that you will find here is done with watercolours and Gouache. I have thrown in ink as well and this is for the fine highlighting as well as some shimmering gold ink for the calligraphy. The luxury box of five cards has a special magnetic closing safekeeping box which is exquisite with a handmade box sleeve. The theme is oranges and the rest is a surprise. Maybe this is the bit where I should put a little disclaimer here and say that whatever is in your box is not edible.

I am so excited to hear from you if you have ordered your box. I would welcome some reviews, thoughts etc.


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