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‘Hummingbird at rest’  A3 print.

‘Hummingbird at rest’ A3 print.

‘Hummingbird at Rest’ is a captivating A3 print created originally with watercolours and ink, which depicts a serene scene of a hummingbird resting with its wings gently folded by its side. The bird's iridescent feathers shimmer in the light, reflecting a myriad of colors that range from emerald green to sapphire blue, creating an ethereal aura around it.

Overall, ‘Hummingbird at Rest’ is a breathtaking print which will grace any wall in your home and office and it will serve as a captivating reminder of the delicate wonders that surround us, encouraging us to pause, appreciate, and find solace in the harmonious existence of our natural world.

This print is available with a mount.

Frame is not included.

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