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‘The Birdsong’

‘The Birdsong’

‘The Birdsong’ is a stunning hand painted print, which captures the essence of the human experience with grief and loss in a poignant and striking manner. The stark yet delicate beauty of the piece speaks to the universal emotions of sorrow and remembrance. This print depicts blackbirds perched amidst a backdrop of colours, evoking a sense of introspection and tranquility.


This limited edition print is a precious opportunity to preserve a stirring and meaningful piece that speaks to the shared experiences of grief, loss, and the enduring hope that arises from them. Don't miss the chance to acquire "Birdsong" and bring a profound and stirring reflection of the human journey into your home.


The print can be framed at your request so please contact us if you have certain requirements. ‘The Birdsong’ is painted by artist Sophia Din in 2023 with the medium of watercolours and gouache. We ensure all our prints maintain a high quality using gliclee paper and dyes that help retain the original features and colours. Each print is hand finished with gold leaf and is available in two sizes. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each limited edition print.


Sizes A4: 210x 297mm or A3: 297x 420mm

Mount: 50mm

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