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The Letter

The Letter

Introducing our handcrafted exquisite gold plated envelope necklace. A true statement piece that exudes elegance and sophistication. This unique necklace perfectly captures the intricate details of a delicate envelope, adorned with gold plating and an engraved design on the front and back. .The gold plated envelope necklace is not only an accessory, but also a symbol of the art of communication and cherished memories. It makes a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one, representing the power of the written word and the beauty of personal connections. It boasts a fine chain that sits delicately on the neckline, enhancing its overall allure. All the materials are hypoallergenic and nickel free.

Imagine expressing your deepest emotions or sending a heartfelt message, a tiny quote or even a tiny pressed flower, all set in plant resin that fits perfectly into the envelope. We offer customisation for your necklace with a small plant resin message or a small photo printed on acetate that fits in the envelope which adds an extra layer of significance making it a heartfelt gift for you or your loved one.

For photo inserts, please send a photo to us that you wish to place in the envelope once the order is confirmed.

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