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'Wear your heart on your sleeve' cufflinks

'Wear your heart on your sleeve' cufflinks

'Wear your heart on your sleeve' is a design of an anatomical heart on geometry. This piece of miniature art is set in round sterling silver cufflinks.

"Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve" is a meaningful piece that beautifully captures the essence of wearing your emotions proudly and expressing your true self.

The heart motif symbolizes love, passion, and vulnerability. It serves as a reminder to embrace and express your emotions openly, to wear your heart on your sleeve without fear. It beautifully captures this sentiment in this unique piece, inviting you to celebrate and embrace your authentic self.

‘Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve," allows you to make a stylish and heartfelt statement. Let this piece serve as a reflection of your innermost feelings and a celebration of the beauty of being true to oneself.

These cuff links are hand packed in a presentation box. We would be happy to enclose an accompanying message should you choose to gift this to someone.

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